Results. Not Excuses

I’ve spent a lot of time being nice and understanding to people when coaching them. Now I realize that maybe I wasn’t always helping. I want people to be successful. If they need to progress at a slower pace, that’s fine. But when someone is just making excuses to not work hard, to stay comfortable, it makes me crazy. There are people who, no matter what it is, ALWAYS have an excuse. As soon as things start to get uncomfortable, they find some stupid reason to stop.

There is only one thing holding you back from doing what you want/know you should do. YOU. That’s because you are a liar. You lie to yourself about why you can’t, about what’s holding you back, about who’s holding you back, about whose fault it is. KNOCK IT OFF!

That is weak sauce. We make all these excuses so we can get out of doing the right thing and can keep doing the easy thing. We blame our schedule, job, obligations in order to shift responsibility so that we can continue living our lives right where we are. It isn’t where we want to be, but we’re used to it, so   . . . yea. You need to





The truth is, these excuses are a disease that we, as humans, have been fighting from the beginning.


God - “Hey, Adam. What’s going on?”

Adam - “It’s the woman’s fault! She told me to!”

God - “OK? That’s not what I asked, but since you brought it up . . .”


All it takes is 1. After you make that first excuse, the second is a little easier. Then a third. And before you know it you’re living in a van down by the river! Actually, you’ll probably end up in the suburbs overweight, working at a job you hate, and resenting your family wondering what the heck happened to your life.

The good news is that your weak will can be strengthened, one choice at a time. Start setting yourself up for success. That thing you should be doing, you want to be doing. What do you have to do to get it done? Sacrifice an hour of Netflix for an hour of family time? Wake up earlier to get your workout in? Use your lunch break to do your Bible reading? Step up and get it done TODAY. And when you do, get pumped and do it again tomorrow. Do it a third day and now you’ve got a streak going. Don’t break that streak.

I know that someone is reading this right now and thinking, “Easy for you to say. But I am soooo busy.” Here’s the thing.


If the president of the United States can find an hour to workout, you can find an hour to workout or read your Bible or play with your kids, or prep food.

You need to harden your mind. Make the decision to do something difficult EVERY DAY. Make the decision to wake up at 5am to read your Bible and do a workout. Make the decision to go to sleep early so that you get 8 hours of sleep every night. Make the decision to stand in an ice cold shower for a few minutes every day (sounds ridiculous, but it literally changes your brain to make you tougher). Start with 1 thing like this EVERY DAY. And every day, when you consider skipping or taking the easy way out, put on your big boy pants and tell yourself “NO EXCUSES!” The more times you say it, the stronger your mind will get. Pretty soon you’ll be chasing down challenges just so you can ignore the excuses your mind tries to come up with.

No time like the present. Start making the decision to do the hard things. Post in the comments what you’re doing to eliminate your excuses.