Beards, Barbells, and Bibles
Beards, Barbells, and Bibles
The 3 B's of Manliness

How would you like to finally be done with the "lose a little gain a little" game?

Finally be happy and healthy, once and for all?

Your health begins with your food. When you sign up for personal online nutrition coaching, you will learn and develop, one-by-one, the habits necessary to lead a healthy life. This is NOT a diet and it's NOT a meal plan. This is an


Every day you'll get an email describing what simple step you need to take that day in order to achieve your long term goals. This includes built in accountability (did you take that step, yes or no?), as well as articles, and audio and video lessons to expand your nutritional knowledge that you'll carry with you for a lifetime. 

Of course, exercise is an important piece of the wellness puzzle. If you already have an exercise routine, great! Keep it up! If not, make sure that you select the "+ workouts" option. With this option, you'll be able to choose more or less intense workouts, or active recovery each day depending on how you're feeling. Within your workouts, you can select minimal equipment for home workouts or allow for more equipment if you have access to it, PLUS beginner, intermediate, or advanced versions of each exercise so every workout is tailored to your ability. 

This system has been proven with over 100,000 clients reaching their goals. Now it's your turn. Choose the option that's right for you and click "subscribe." That's the first step in finally reaching your goals.

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